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April 14th, 2009

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04:12 pm - hd_worldcup recs for Team AU!
I might have more later but you guys, in the interest of Team AU spirit, I'm urging you to see these two:

Title: Interpreting Draconis
Author: [info]dacro
Rating: R
Warnings: Implied minor character death.

[info]dacro has done something really magical here--she's led us into the Deaf community by way of a sometime tenuous, sometimes exuberant, always heartfelt relationship between Harry and Draco. This isn't so much as world-building as it is submersion, and one of my favorite things about this fic is the way it makes me consider the types of issues that Deaf translators probably think about regularly, which the rest of us encounter in perhaps subtler ways in our daily lives. It gives a whole new spin to the line, "Hey, I'm just the messenger!" [info]dacro's also made genius use of the prompt--you'll definitely get a laugh and a sweet smile out of her clever touches.

Title: The First Day Of Spring
Artist: [info]reira_21
Prompt: 6. No use in crying over spilt potion.
Rating: R
Warnings: Naked men.

If you haven't seen this yet, please go! Do! It's a breathtaking work of colors outside lines, loss and melancholy and re-emergence; it's quiet and bare and forceful all at once. It's a series of Flash panels set to a lovely piece of music, but the most captivating part of it is the stillness. Each frame is deliberate in its consideration--there are carefully rendered hands, stylized cigarette fumes, lonely shoe-heels and scarf-ends. [info]reira_21 did beautiful work not only in executing each scene, but in editing the whole piece together. This is a must-see.

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