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December 31st, 2008

[info]dracofiend07:51 pm - The Fabulous No-Pressure Laissez-Faire HP_Unfaithful Challenge!
Hi! The infidelity-themed HP comm that [info]snegurochka_lee and I run is kicking off its first ever challenge! The details are under the cut--please throw in any random prompts you have off the top of your head HERE! You know you totally want to! :D

Overdosed on happy endings and holiday love? Need something fresh to start the year? Come join the inaugural [info]hp_unfaithful challenge and revive your obsession with a long-loved (or long-hated!) character or pairing!

It'll be supereasy and low-key, and you'll get to post your infidelity-themed work to the comm at your leisure. Here's the timeline:

1. Call for prompts: Now - January 8. Reply to THIS POST with a brief prompt. A word, a phrase, or a concept will be perfect! You can specify a pairing if you want, or not - but please, nothing overly specific. This isn't a gift request, but rather a little spark for a writer or artist to take and run with.

2. Prompt claiming: January 9 - 16. Pick your poison(s). All are open to multiple claims, so you can claim a prompt that has already been claimed by someone else. Because this isn’t meant to be a gift exchange, prompts will be listed without the prompter’s name.

3. Posting: Any time through February 26. Please post to the comm when you're ready!

4. Master list: February 28. For your orderly enjoyment.

We also wanted to mention that because this is more of a kick-back-and-enjoy-the-view sort of challenge, you should feel free to respond to prompts with short fics or sketches--drabbles, even! You should definitely write or draw whatever infidelity theme floats your boat (and fits the prompt!), and there's no word limit (or the artistic equivalent, whatever that might be)--but if you're debating whether you want to play or not, do keep in mind that tiny fics/art are every bit as welcome!

One last thing—slash, femslash, het and gen pieces are all terrific for the challenge, so long as they are infidelity themed. Let us know if you have any questions!

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