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December 9th, 2006

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03:32 am - Strangle
Title: Strangle
Author: dracofiend
Pairing: HP/SS
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Infidelity
A/N: A follow-on to my ficlet Steal, from a while ago.
Disclaimer: JKR owns them.

      Harry bit his lip as his eyes turned eagerly, searching through the Saturday crowd of shoppers. The new potion Severus had brewed for him worked well, though it left him somewhat dizzy in the mornings. Still, he'd managed to glamour himself thoroughly enough to Floo out here to meet Severus, who was buying new potions supplies--somewhere.

      Harry wandered the streets, inhaling deeply the crisp fall air and smiling to himself. Severus would chide him, but Severus would be pleased. He wouldn't admit it--he never did--but they'd go to lunch and Severus would lean near, and order all the things that he knew Harry liked. Harry was just thinking about what sort of sandwich he wanted when that familiar spare figure emerged from a shop, carrying a small paper bag and striding from sight. Harry grinned and dodged to catch up.

      He'd followed the black robes to a quieter side-street, rounded a corner and was about to call out, when Severus turned abruptly into a half-hidden alley, out of view. Curious, Harry hastened to where Severus had vanished--when someone else Apparated into the alleyway entrance and swept in.

      Lucius Malfoy.

      Harry's pulse skittered high as he stepped silently--swiftly--toward where both men had gone, wand tight in hand. Malfoy had been exonerated by the gold-greedy Ministry--but Harry had never forgotten the way that blond hair shined, in the darkness, in the graveyard, behind the new-risen Dark Lord.

      That blond hair draped low to Severus' neck, shining, and Harry's wrist flicked to fire. Then he saw Severus' face.

      "I cannot," Severus said. His expression was masked and the words barely formed, but Harry knew--he knew that voice. Stiff and resistant and on the thin cusp of concession.

      "I'm tired of these--meetings," Malfoy hissed at Severus' ear. He was gripping Severus' arm hard, pressing Severus to the brick, and Harry had no trouble hearing him at all. "They will not suffice."

      Severus' features didn't change. Harry caught the single telltale twitch of the last two fingers on Severus' left hand.

      "Then they will not suffice," Severus finally answered, the words throaty and rough. He pushed Malfoy aside. Harry saw him turn away, take a step, saw the flat black of his eyes--saw a slim hand thrust out to dark robes.

      "Don't do this to me," Malfoy snarled, yanking Severus back all at once.

      There was a tinkle of glass--what Severus had bought--and Malfoy had his mouth slammed to Severus'.

      Harry leaned against stone as he watched Lucius Malfoy rake teeth over neck. As he watched blotchy fingers curl into that hair, the potion stains purple beneath the wealth of smooth silver.


      Harry was slumped listlessly on the sofa when Severus whooshed in from the fireplace.

      "You woke early," he said, setting a small bag on the table. "Not feeling unwell, I hope?" He turned toward Harry, and Harry looked up.

      "What is it?" Severus asked sharply, whipping hems as he spun. "The potion? Ill effects?" He was at Harry's side, grasping Harry's wrist, pressing gentle fingertips into Harry's fast pulse. A black sleeve settled onto Harry's knee.

      "You got new ones, I suppose," Harry said numbly, staring at the bag.

      "What?" Severus asked brusquely. He pushed back Harry's collar to peer closely at the skin. "Is the potion making you disoriented? Nauseated? Feverish?" He placed the back of his hand against Harry's cheek. Lightly.

      Harry opened his mouth for a strangle-choked breath. Severus frowned, leaned closer, concerned.

      "You dropped them," Harry said, his voice very small. "The--the vials...or whatever they were. I saw you drop them."

      Severus' hand stilled against Harry's cheek. Around Harry's wrist.

      "Did you?" Severus asked. His voice didn't shake.

      Harry did. He stumbled up from the couch. "Severus," he said, and it came out mangled, a slivered whisper because he couldn't cry now. Not now. "I thought--" But no, he couldn't anymore, he couldn't stand, couldn't speak, couldn't blink or move or live--because he'd lived for Severus, that's what he always said, since no one could've saved him but he'd let Severus save him--and Severus had, Severus had...he thought Severus had.

      He wasn't seeing Severus, just wet streaks of black. They streamed together thickly as Harry jerked his body around in a reckless Disapparition. He wished he didn't ever have to land.

Continued in Stricken

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Date:August 9th, 2008 02:39 am (UTC)
I am quoting somebody... "This is so beautiful. But so sad. It reminds me of the time I opened the fridge... and it was empty. *weeps*"

This is just like that. Sadness. Harry's sadness is palpable here. You did a wonderful job portraying that!

[User Picture]
Date:August 19th, 2008 09:52 pm (UTC)
*laughs* omg, that quote is SO funny. I love it. Thank you so much for reading; I'm glad you found the vibe worked!
Date:September 18th, 2008 11:15 am (UTC)
*loves that you liked the quote*

It is from this show on Nickelodeon (old show; I am not a kid anymore - else I could get someone in trouble if I read deh pr0n^^), called "Figure It Out" - and the quote was said by this wrestler dude - forgot his name, nice guy, did this show for the kids - I only remember that the host of the show was Summer Sanders (and in all spoofs it was changed to Winter Wonders to make fun of her!) and 4 panelists - one was the guy (quote author), another was Danny Tamberelli (sp? He is the guy from The Adventures of Pete & Pete), Lori Beth Denberg, and the fourth panelist changes with every episode.

O_o *had just looked at paragraph above*

Lots of explanation. Sorry 'bout that. Glad you liked the quote, in any case. :)

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