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August 17th, 2006

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06:08 pm - Ficlets Inspired by Acidburn's Art
One gorgeous Snarry sketch by [info]ac1d6urn, two very short ficlets. Acid was kind enough to show me her incredible sketchbook at Lumos, and this drawing in particular leaped out at me. I couldn't decide whether it was a happy drawing, or a sad one. I'm inclined to think it's sad, but I asked Acid, and she said it's happy. :)

Untitled sketch by [info]ac1d6urn, rated R. My photograph doesn't do it justice.

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Title: Steal
Author: dracofiend
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer: JKR owns them.

      Severus lay with his eyes closed. If he opened them, he could make out the ceiling, bare and faintly outlined in the darkness. But staring up wouldn't hasten Harry's sleep. Severus kept them closed.

      Sleep, Severus thought, listening to the soft breaths beside him. Harry was turned away, on his side, so tonight the slight whistle in Harry's nose, the one that hitched at exhale, was inaudible.

      Severus breathed too, deeply and evenly, as he couldn't do when Harry had leaned too close, so many months ago. Severus let one hand steal toward a warm hip, as he could not do when Harry's fingers had stolen over his chest, so many months ago.

      Sleep, Severus thought, touching blunt knuckles gently to youthful skin, knowing Harry was dreaming no dreams at all. Severus took care of that, with a rare twist on a common potion, one he'd researched through unending nights that lightened to mornings. The boy had needed it, badly. The boy had needed him. Worse.

      Severus had said nothing. He'd taken care of everything.

      He took care to count the breaths, forcing himself to wait, though he wouldn't have hurried. A minute, then two, and the rhythm didn't change. Severus opened his eyes and lifted his corner of the sheet. He eased his torso upright, levered his legs to the floor, watching Harry all the while. Scrutinizing the wayward hair, the fragile neck, he remembered to get powdered unicorn horn for the new healing potion, first thing tomorrow.

      Quietly as he could, Severus rose from the bed, drawing the sheet high to the dip of Harry's throat. No kiss goodbye, because Lucius was impatient, and Severus was...Severus was sure to return before the room paled to gray. Always. He slipped away, to dress.

      In the darkness, Harry slept.

Sequel to Steal: Strangle

Title: Win
Author: dracofiend
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Disclaimer: JKR owns them.

      "What took so long?" Harry mumbled irritably into the pillow, half-asleep. The mattress dipped, and a draft of cold sliced past his back as the sheet flipped up. The bed creaked.

      Severus grunted. "Contrary to common folklore, some things remain unchanged by the miracle that is Harry Potter." He raised a thigh to the sheets, staring at the back of Harry's touseled head. "Veritaserum, for example, is unimpressed with your allegedly single-handed saving of the wizarding world, and insists on thirty-nine to forty-three minutes of carefully supervised simmering--your continued existence notwithstanding."

      Harry stretched and pulled the cover back over his feet without turning around.

      "You're kidding," he snorted, drowsily. "Wasn't there something in the paper about the entire universe bending to my every whim...?" He trailed off with a yawn.

      Severus' mouth quirked into a half-smile.

      "Ah, didn't you see the retraction in today's edition? Page two, lower right-hand corner, microscopic print?" he replied dryly, sliding across the bed. "No matter. I clipped it."

      "Yeah, cheers, you evil--naked--bastard." Harry whipped around, suddenly wide awake.

      Severus was already there. He smirked as Harry's limbs twined through his, as Harry's lively mouth fell to his neck.

      "Some things definitely remain unchanged," Severus murmured.

      "Mmm," came Harry's muffled response.

      Severus silently tallied another win.

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Date:August 9th, 2008 02:33 am (UTC)
Maybe it's the sketchiness of it, but I don't have the feeling the scene pictures is very happy, either - melancholy comes to mind.

Love your take on it, beginning to end, though! :)

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